Domestic & International Testing

The NDTL is engaged in doing drug testing in athletes since 1991.The number of samples tested has improved from the year 2002 when the lab got modernized. The following details are attached regarding the samples being tested in NDTL:

  • Number of samples (Urine, Blood) tested during 2019
  • Number of samples testing in NDTL from 2002-  2019
  • Record of percent positive in NDTL, India since 2002 graph
  • Number of International samples tested after WADA Accreditation

There are a total of 32 WADA accredited labs in the world and out of which six are in Asia. The NDTL, India is one of the six labs in Asia which is accredited by WADA. The other labs are in China, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, and Thailand.

  • First International Testing by NDTL, India. was done in collaboration with MBC Lab, Tokyo during the year 2003, (First Afro Asian Games) wherein 313 samples were analysed. The lab got temporary accreditation of International Olympic Committee (IOC) to conduct testing for the Games.
  • Testing of 1st Punjab Indo-Pak Games held in 2004 was conducted by the Lab. independently.
  • After getting WADA accreditation, the tariff for testing of samples is approved (Details given in Lab Services).