Research & Development


NDTL has state of the art facilities for research and is engaged in conducting research on various projects. The research papers are presented in the International and National conferences and published in indexed journals.

Research Associates (RAs) with Ph.D degree were engaged for Research activities specially focus on doping sciences. The engagement of RAs shall be persistent based on the availability of the projects.

The Laboratory has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the premier institutes of India i.e. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER-G), Guwahati and Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu (IIIM-J). Subsequently, the Laboratory has an initially planned with these institutes for synthesis of approximately 20 rarely available substances/metabolites. Out of these 20 substances/metabolites, 02 Nos of substance named “p-OH prenylamine and Norethyl morphine” have been synthesized in association with NIPER-G. Further, it has been decided to distribute 5mg of this indigenously developed Reference Material (RMs) to all the WADA-accredited dope testing laboratories free of cost.

Constitution and role of SAB and IRRC

The Laboratory has constituted a Science Advisory Board (SAB) and Internal Research Review Committee (IRRC) for guidance and exploring the Research and Development activities.

The Research & scientific development activities of NDTL is overseen and reviewed by the two-level panels i.e. i) Internal Research Review Committee (IRRC), and ii) Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The IRRC meetings are held half yearly and are open to any investigator or staff member interested in presenting their research plan. However, The SAB meets once in a year with the key objective to review of scientific developments in the Laboratory.

i. Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

SAB is a natively constituted committee containing national/international experts of science, doping and medical experts. It connects a global network of research, development, and doping professionals to collaborate on shaping the future of scientific activities specially focus on doping science. Members of this committee share their knowledge and experience with the NDTL community in view of future perspectives.

 The members of the SAB committee include the following:
S.No Name Designation Position
1. Professor R. K. Goel Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University, Delhi Chairman
2. Professor Surinder Singh Former Director, National Institute of Biologicals, Noida and Vice-Chancellor JSS University Member
3. Dr. S. K. Raza Former Director (IPFT), Gurugram Member
4. Dr. Srnivasa Reddy Director, CSIR-IIIM, Jammu Member
5. Dr. Anil Handoo Hematologist, BLK Hospital, New Delhi Member
6. Professor Sanjay K. jain HOD, Department of Pharmaceutical Science, Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, M.P Member
7. Professor Saranjeet Singh NIPER, Mohali Member
8. Professor Madhulika Kabra Division of Pediatrics-Genetics, AIIMS, New Delhi Member
9. Dr. P. L. Sahu Director, NDTL Member Convener
10. The Laboratory Director, WADA Accredited Laboratory Out of 29 WADA Accredited Laboratories Member

ii. Internal Research Review Committee (IRRC)

IRRC is a committee constituted in-house for reviewing the Research activities conducted in NDTL. The primary objective of this committee to review the scientific proposals submitted by the investigators of NDTL and to ensure that NDTL maintains a plan for research and development in the field of anti-doping science, including an annual budget in this area of at least 7% of the total annual operational budget allocated to activities associated with Signatories.

The composition of the Internal Research Review Committee (IRRC) includes the following:
1. Dr. P. L. Sahu, Director
2. Dr. Ashok Kumar Maurya, Scientist-‘C’
3. Dr. Kapendra Sahu, Scientist -‘C’
4. Dr. Sachin Dubey, Scientist-‘C’ (Member Convener)

Current Research Projects
1. Project ID: NDTL-RP-03: 2019-20
2. Project ID: NDTL-RP-04: 2019-20
3. Project ID: NDTL-RP-01: 2020-2021
4. Project ID: NDTL-RP-02: 2020-2021
5. Project ID: NDTL-RP-03: 2020-2021
6. Project ID: NDTL-RP-04: 2020-2021
7. Project ID: NDTL-RP-01: 2021-2022
8. Project ID: NDTL-RP-05: 2020-2021
9. Project ID: NDTL-RP-01: 2021-2022
10. Project ID: NDTL-RP-02: 2021-2022